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Reignite and Reinvent Your Marriage

Reignite and Reinvent Your Marriage is designed to provide faith-based skills and habits that will build and strengthen your marriage. Reignite and Reinvent is a safe place for you and your spouse to reconnect; whether you rate your relationship as a 1 or 10, or anywhere in between. The principles shared in this companion are ‘a process’ and not magical. Give yourself fully to the gift of the process and watch how God changes you, your marriage and family.

Have you ever considered rating your marriage? On a 1-10 scale where do you think your marriage rates? Do you often wonder if there is more, if it could get better? What about sharing a gift of growth in your relationship? Strengthen your love, grow your heart and become the husband and wife many will envy. We give attention to almost every element of our surroundings (vehicles, homes, clothing, offices, body, and more), but neglect our marriages. Consider this: if you never change the oil in the vehicle, what happens? It breaks down and stops running. Neglect the home and it also becomes uninhabitable over time. Fitness Centers, Diet Programs, and Pharmaceuticals bombard us with advertisements to support healthy lifestyles; all attempting to convince us we ‘need their product to maintain health.’ Do you ever see the same philosophy applied to our marriages? Left without maintenance, they too will become unhealthy. Not once have we seen an advertisement directed toward building a healthy, strong and lasting marriage on the evening news, during Prime Time TV or as a sponsor for a major sports event! Why? Most likely because we take marriage for granted— and no one has figured out how to profit from healthy marriages. There is more money to be made in divorces. Lawyers, accountants and auctioneers benefit from divorces. Nobody makes a dime if you are blissfully married.Don’t wait until you reach a “crumbling” hurdle! Every couple, regardless of how long they’ve been married, will experience events that can destroy the relationship. Think not if, but when you’ll face job loss, death of a parent, child or pet, anniversary of a traumatic experience. All left untouched without the tools knowing how to navigate the opportunity your marriage could implode. Learn today, to strengthen tomorrow!

Journey 2 Victory

Journey 2 Victory serves as a tool to assist in healing not only marriages and relationships, but also individuals.  Many times when our thoughts are committed to paper God gives us comfort and ‘releases’ our hurt and pain.

This is a journal designed to give you a sense of freedom and peace using a word, with a related scripture verse, to reflect and pray your struggles to Him.  Each day select a word that is significant, pray the scripture for that word and then journal your thoughts.

Once you’ve completed the journal (journey) for the word use that scripture to help guide you through your day.  You might feel comfortable sharing your thoughts with a friend, family member, your pastor or spouse.  Most important, let God ‘speak’ to you imparting His Will for the day.

Another use for the Journey 2 Victory is to supplement the Navigational Cards found in The Marriage Journey: A flight Plan to Your Healthy Marriage.  The cards are a simple tool to assist in conversations at home, school, work or just about anywhere.  Check them out at navigation-card-purchase  Instructions are on the site as well, or you’ll find them in Chapter 18 for The Marriage Journey.

Viaje a la Victoria

Viaje a la victoria es como una medicina para ayudar en la curación no sólo de los matrimonios y relaciones, sino también de las personas. Esto pasa cuando nuestros pensamientos están comprometidos con el papel que Dios nos da, confortándonos y ‘liberándonos’ de nuestra pena y dolor.
Esta es una obra diseñada para romper ataduras y darle libertad y paz usando una palabra relacionada a un versículo de la Escritura, para reflexionar y orar por tus luchas. Cada día selecciona una palabra significativa, y ora esa Escritura para que dirija a tus pensamientos ese día.

Una vez que haya completado la jornada (del viaje) utilizando la palabra que la escritura le dio para guiarte a través de su día. Usted podrá sentirse cómodo compartiendo sus pensamientos con un amigo, un familiar, su pastor o cónyuge. Lo más importante es dejar que Dios “le hable” e imparta su voluntad cada día.

The Marriage Journey

The Marriage Journey gives helpful navigational aids you can easily apply during the stormy times of your marriage flight.  The aeronautical theme gives an uplifting perspective to the turbulence often experienced in marriage.

The Journey checkups, flight plans, and more, make for an easy read, plus offer a fresh and unclouded approach to help you build a strong marriage and family.  

Travel on The Marriage Journey for an unforgettable trip.   The analogy of plane travel used in the book, the Journey helps couples explore new territories and make surprising discoveries.  A successful marriage requires clear flight plans to avoid thunder storms for a smooth journey.  God as the pilot and couples as the co-pilots, couples need to work as a team to make the flight as enjoyable as possible and appreciate the beauty of the skies.  The Journey will help couples have a pleasant trip.  Enjoy the flight!

Written by the co-author of The Solution for Marriages, The Marriage Journey shares skills to create a strong, healthy and lasting marriage.  It is designed for couples of any age or stage in their relationship.  You can turn a good marriage into a great one, find hope in a struggling one, or take a great marriage to a deeper, more passionate level.

El matrimonio es un viaje

El matrimonio es un viaje provee ayuda útil a la navegación en el matrimonio que usted puede   aplicar fácilmente en los momentos tormentosos de su matrimonio. El tema aeronáutico da una perspectiva edificante a la turbulencia experimentada a menudo en su relación. Las revisiones antes del vuelo, planes de viaje, y más, hacen una lectura fácil, además de ofrecer un enfoque fresco y sin nubes para ayudarle a construir un matrimonio y familia sólidos.

Viajar con El matrimonio es un viajeserá inolvidable. Usando la analogía de los viajes en avión, el libro  ayuda a las parejas a explorar nuevos territorios y hacer descubrimientos sorprendentes. Un matrimonio exitoso requiere de planes de vuelo claros para evitar las tormentas eléctricas y tener un viaje más satisfactorio. Dios como el piloto y las parejas como los copilotos; las parejas deben trabajar en equipo para hacer que el vuelo sea lo más agradable posible y apreciar la belleza de los cielos. El viaje ayudará a las parejas a tener un viaje placentero. ¡Disfrute del vuelo!

Escrito por el co-autor de La solución para los matrimonios”, “El matrimonio es un viaje” comparte habilidades para crear un matrimonio fuerte, saludable y duradero. Está diseñado para parejas de cualquier edad o etapa en su relación. Usted puede convertir un buen matrimonio en uno grandioso, encontrar la esperanza en su lucha por uno, o llevar un gran matrimonio a un nivel profundamente apasionado

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