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Thursday, September 01 2016
Flight Plan for Your Finances
Many people feel intimidated when they hear the word "budget".  However, a budget is simply a plan for how to spend money.  As a certified financial budget coach/counselor, I can tell you that finances can be a serious problem to a healthy marriage.  Creating a spending plan (budget) begins with following some simple steps.  The first and most important step is to transfer ownership of possessions to God.  He is the owner of all things, and we are merely stewards of what He has entrusted to us.

​ Having no budget usually results in unpredictable spending on things you don't need and possibly cannot afford.  Having a budget does not restrict your spending but just the opposite; it sets you free.  By putting God first in your budget with your tithe you open yourselves to receive God's blessings.

​Many couples think that obtaining more money will bring them happiness and achievement.  Nothing can be further from the truth!  Matthew 6:24 reveals the simple truth of money: No one can serve two masters.  Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other.  You cannot serve both God and money.

​Many couples delay seeking outside assistance on financial issues until the frustration level reaches the critical point.  Many churches have ministries to help.  Regardless of your financial status, seek God's wisdom through prayer and reach out to a professional for solid advice.  (Caution must be exercised in utilizing the organizations advertising Christian Debt Management, Financial Freedom, Debt Consolidation and more.  Research their credentials, licensure and any complaints filed through your State Department of Business and Professional Regulation.)  For those of you that understand the importance of having a budget and those of you that want to learn how to have a good working budget, beginning with my next post I am going to write series on how to create a budget and I will provide some downloadable forms to help with the process. 

​In our book "The Marriage Journey: A Flight Plan to Your Healthy Marriage" available in our book store, we devote chapter 6 to Managing God's Money.  In this chapter we provider numerous tips to help, to include thirteen biblical principles for sensible financial management.  We also have your inflight checklist and some exercises to assist you with your flight.  And don't forget our premium resource, our "Navigational Cards" I highlighted on a previous post available in the Resources section.

God, help us straighten out our financial problems.  We haven't been good stewards of your money.  Give us a new attitude and a new commitment to managing your finances wisely and responsibly.  If our problems are beyond our repair, help us find the way, Your way, to meet our obligations.  We place this need before You, knowing that You will guide us to a good solution.  Amen.
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Mae and Chuck began mentoring in home Bible studies and saw how their Christ-centered relationship was "different" from others.  Though far from "perfect," their marriage and commitment to Christ demonstrated a peace and happiness that intrigued other couples.  This became the opportunity to mentor other couples and to teach them to work at their relationship and grow their love for one another (with Christ) each day.


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