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Monday, August 08 2016
I would like to tell you about a resource I have available that will be a great value with your marriage journey.  A premium resource, our Navigational Cards.  The "Cards" serve as navigation "checkpoints" similar to most flight requirements, to report their route checkpoints with flight control centers.  Each deck of cards contains words relative to marriage, one on every card.  Each word is supported by a scripture for that word.  That word is intended to provoke discussion, thought and strength to the both of you. The "Cards" help couples to learn where they are aligned and reveal strength in their marriage.

The "Cards" and instructions, on how to use the "Cards", can be obtained in the Resources section of The Marriage Journey website or in chapter 18 of our book, "The Marriage Journey: A Flight Plan to Your Healthy Marriage", which is available at our book store(Coffee cup not included with the "Cards").

Kindness at Home
"If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love.  Don't be surly at home, then go our in the street and start grinning 'Good morning' at total strangers." (Maya Angelou)

​We put on our "out​side faces" when we meet people outside our home.  At home we drop the polite face because home is where we can be ourselves, right?  We grumble and maybe even snap.  We don't bother to smile because these people love us anyway.  Why can't we treat friends and family as well as people we don't even know?

I will treat those closest to me with the same courtesy I treat strangers.  My loved ones and I will be much happier.  This is my version of the Golden Rule.

Dear Lord, as I look around at those who share this life with me, help me to make time to spend with them - for encouragement, challenge, and perhaps just plain conversation.
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Mae and Chuck began mentoring in home Bible studies and saw how their Christ-centered relationship was "different" from others.  Though far from "perfect," their marriage and commitment to Christ demonstrated a peace and happiness that intrigued other couples.  This became the opportunity to mentor other couples and to teach them to work at their relationship and grow their love for one another (with Christ) each day.


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