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Wednesday, June 29 2016

l​ would like to welcome you to the new The Marriage Journey blog.  This blog is to assist you with your relationships, marriage or coming marriage.  It doesn't matter if you are newly weds or have been married for some time or planning to get married.

Sit back and enjoy your flight.

Nehemiah was assigned the task to rebuild a crumbling wall. He was desperate, saying “… the city where my fathers are buried lies in ruins, and its gates have been destroyed by fire.” (Nehemiah 2:3) That’s a remarkably accurate description of the American family today. Families destroyed by the epidemic of divorce; youth are increasingly exposed to unwholesome media to fuel the fire of premarital sex, drug abuse and suicide. The wall (marriage and family unit) is crumbling! The broken, crumbled wall can be restored, using the flight plans in The Marriage Journey.

Marriages and relationships are a lot like taking a flight across the country. Before you actually board your plane, no one knows how your flight will go! Not even the pilot! We all ASSUME it will be smooth flying, and take it for granted that we will land safely. Like any flight, marriages can start out smooth and turbulence-free, but sometimes, unexpected turbulence or challenges can happen at any time. It is important for you to remember, that if any turbulence or situation is encountered we all want to arrive at our destination.

​God is the author of the ideal flight plan (the Bible).  It is up to the co-pilots (husband and wife) to follow it.  If they deviate, they wind up in trouble with the FAA; wander into bad weather, run out of gas, etc. You have no control over your destiny; it is all in the pilot's hands. Whereas God gives us free will so we CAN and DO deviate from his flight plan; He is the big eye in the sky. He is the Air Traffic Controller who can see where the other planes are, and where the storms are, and then vector you around them.

If you want your relationship/marriage to be successful, the book The Marriage Journey, which is available in the Book Store on this site, would be a great asset​.  Visit the Book Store and check it out.  I will be updating this blog with new and helpful information on a regular basis.

Father, You love all of your children, but so often we fight and disagree.  Help us learn to interact with love and respect in all our relationships so the world will see the difference You make.  Teach us to pray.

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Mae and Chuck began mentoring in home Bible studies and saw how their Christ-centered relationship was "different" from others.  Though far from "perfect," their marriage and commitment to Christ demonstrated a peace and happiness that intrigued other couples.  This became the opportunity to mentor other couples and to teach them to work at their relationship and grow their love for one another (with Christ) each day.


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